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Drivers License Renewal

In Florida the Drivers License will be valid for a period no longer than 8 years. The expiration date will be on the driver’s birthday. In Florida, it is allowed to renew this license up to 18 months before its expiration date.

There are some exemptions, where the renewal will not be possible due to eligibility, unsolved traffic violations, or in the case where a license has been suspended, cancelled or revoked. In these different scenarios, it is possible that the DMV requests the driver to comply with a new training and/or to get a brand new license.

The are different ways to renew your license in Florida:

Renewal Online

There is an exception applied to the Commercial Drivers License that does not allow its renovation online. Renewing the license online is the most easy, fast and convenient way to do it. This service is only available for American citizens or permanent US residents. When choosing this option, please bear in mind that it is not allowed to use this way if the last renewal was made online, by mail or over the phone.

Renewal in Person

In most of the cases this is the chosen option. All the driver needs to do is to schedule an appointment at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) service’s center and bring all the necessary paperwork.

You may also have to pass a vision test (If applicable) and then, you’ll have to surrender your expired Driver’s license.

Once you attend your appointment, the officer will require all the paperwork, including your ID, proof of address and if you have changed your name, two different proofs of your new name. Bear in mind that if you have not renewed your driver's license in person since January 1st, 2010, you will need to bring one form of primary ID, two proofs of your current address and your social security number.

Real ID and the Driver’s License.

Starting from October 1st 2021, all the renewal of the drivers licenses in Florida will be issued complying with the Real ID standards. If you need to renew your license within this period of time, bear in mind that you will have to do the renovation in person. To avoid double paperwork and assure the renovation under the new security standards from the Real ID, ask the advice from a FLHSMV’s officer.

More info at https://www.realidinfo.net/en/fl-florida

Renewal for special situations

Requirements for Older and Senior Drivers

After the age of 80, the Drivers license will have a validity of 6 years. At the time to renew this license, the driver will be required to pass a vision examination, and other kinds of tests may also apply depending on the situation. Before making your appointment for the renewal, please contact the FLHSMV for more information.

Military personnel - Requirements

All Military personnel can apply for the renewal of their driver's license up to 18 months before its expiration date. The state of Florida will allow some exemptions for those soldiers who are outside the State and cannot apply for the online renovation. There are also other types of extensions that may apply under certain circumstances. The DMV will allow the License’s validity to be extended for 90 days after its expiration date. This will be permitted until the driver comes back to Florida to reside. Before completing the online application for the renewal, please contact the FLHSMV for more information.

FL DMV offices in Hendry

1100 S. Olympia St., Suite #300

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(863) 983-1460

500 Avenue J, Room 101

Motor Vehicle Services


(863) 946-6035

25 E. Hickpoochee Ave.

Motor Vehicle Services & Driver's License


(863) 675-5280

106 South First St., Suite 1

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(239) 657-2054

2976 State Road 15

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(561) 355-2264

3114 Lee Blvd.,, Building B #6

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(239) 533-6000

50 Wilson Blvd. S.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(239) 348-1011

304 NW 2nd Street,, Room #107

Okeechobee Clerk of the Court Office


(863) 763-2131

307 NW 5th Avenue #B

Motor Vehicle Services


(863) 763-3421

409 NW 2nd Avenue

Okeechobee Driver License & Motor Vehicle Office


(863) 763-3421

16550 SW Warfield Blvd.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(772) 288-5600

25987 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 112,

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(239) 533-6000

2480 Thompson St.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(239) 533-6000

4715 Golden Gate Parkway

Driver License & Vehicle Services 3


(239) 455-2858

2348 Immokalee Road

Driver License & Vehicle Services 1


(239) 434-4600

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