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Name & Address Change in Florida

Name & Address Change in Florida

Name & Address Change in Florida

General Information

In this post, you will learn how to update your name or address on your driver's license, ID card, title, or registration in the state of Florida. Please read the following to find out how to complete name/address changes as easily and quickly as possible:

NOTEFirst, keep in mind that a name change must first be made with the Federal Social Security Administration. Once the change is made by this federal agency, you can complete the name change process on your license, ID card, or car title at the Florida DMV.


Name and address changes must be updated on BOTH documents within 30 days after changing your name or address.


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Update your
Driver's License / ID Card*


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Update your
Titles and Registration*

* Wait 24 to 48 hours after completing the name change with the Social Security Administration.

What should I bring to my appointment if I change my name?

Read more about what to bring to your appointment.

1 Name or Address Changes at Driver's License & ID Cards

Name Change

All name changes must be completed in person at a local office. Find your nearest DMV office...

US Citizens who have legally changed their name by marriage, divorce or court order must submit the original or a certified marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order. Photocopies are not accepted. Marriage certificates must be recognized by the state of Florida. Generally, marriage certificates issued in Florida or another state in accordance with the respective laws of those states are recognized by the State of Florida. Church-issued marriage certificates are not accepted.

  • The marriage certificate or court order should indicate how their birth name changed to the current one.
  • If their name changed multiple times and the document shows both their current and birth names, they only need the final name change document.
  • If the final marriage certificate doesn't include both names, they must bring all documents that demonstrate the name change from birth to current name.
  • It's important that the name on their Social Security Number (SSN) matches the name on the Florida driver's license or ID card.

NOTECertified copies of marriage certificates or divorce decrees may be obtained at the clerk of court in the county where it was originally filed.

Address Change

Address changes can be completed online via MyDMV Portal

2 Name or Address Changes at Title & Registration

By updating a new name or address on your driver’s license, the new name or address will automatically update on your electronic title.

Please take into consideration that:

  • A printed title will still reflect your previous name or address until a new title is applied for using an Application for Certificate of Title With or Without Registration (HSMV Form 82040).
  • If there is a lien on a paper title, the lienholder may not allow a new title to be printed.
  • It is permissible to leave the amended name or address unchanged on the printed title because the department vehicle ownership record will be updated when you update your driver information.

Contact the FLHSMV Customer Service Center at (850) 617-2000 for additional questions.


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