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Change Address in Dunnellon, Florida

Change your address

If you have changed your address, you must notify the Florida DMV as soon as possible to be registered on the system and changed on the drivers license. You will have a limit of 30 days to communicate this to the DMV after moving.

The options to comply with this are easy to follow and very accessible.

  • Change of address Online: Access the site GoRenew.com and sign up. Pay a fee of 2$ to complete the process. Please keep in mind that this process accepts all credit cards.
  • Change of address by mail: you will find all of the information at www.gorenew.com.
  • Change of address visiting a DMV office: Localize the nearest office and bring the documentation personally.

What documentation do you need?

You will have to bring a Valid Identification Card, a proof of your Social Security Number, and a proof of your new address. The officer will check all of your papers and advise you if you are missing something.

FL DMV offices in Dunnellon, Florida

19995 SW 86th St., Unit #2

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(352) 368-8200

1540 N. Meadowcrest Blvd.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(352) 341-6500

6154 SW State Road 200

Driver License & Vehicle Services - SR 200 Branch


(352) 368-8200

210 N. Apopka Ave.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(352) 341-6500

110 N. Apopka Ave,, Room #101

Inverness Clerk of the Court Office


(352) 341-6424

110 NW First Avenue

Ocala Clerk of the Court Office


(352) 671-5599

506 SW 1st Ave

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(352) 528-6091

110 SE 25th Ave.

Driver License Office


(352) 368-8200

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