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Change Address in Port Charlotte, Florida

Change address in Port Charlotte

The State of Florida requires that every change of address is registered in the system and changed on the drivers license. After moving, there is a limit of 30 days to communicate this to the DMV.

The options to comply with this are easy to follow and very accessible.

  • You can do it Online: Access to the site GoRenew.com and sign up. There is a fee of 2$ to complete the process. Bear in mind that this process accepts all credit cards.
  • By mail: you will find all of the information at www.gorenew.com.
  • Visiting a DMV office near you: Localize the closest office near you and bring the documentation personally.

What documentation do you need?

You will have to bring a Valid Identification Card, a proof of your Social Security Number, and a proof of your new address. The officer will check all of your papers and advise you if you are missing something.

FL DMV offices in Port Charlotte, Florida

350 East Marion Ave.

Punta Gorda Clerk of the Court Office


(941) 637-2121

18500 Murdock Circle

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(941) 743-1350

410 Taylor Street

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(941) 743-1350

4970 City Hall Blvd

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(941) 861-8300

6868 San Casa Drive

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(941) 681-3710

4000 S. Tamiami Trail

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(941) 861-8300

201 E. Oak St.

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(863) 993-4861

115 E. Oak Street

Arcadia Clerk of the Court


(863) 993-4876

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