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Offices in Macclenny, Florida

Offices in Macclenny

The Department of Motorized Vehicles provides a wide range of possible communication channels to help and assist citizens all over the State of Florida.

In the last couple of years, a restructuring plan for the office's location across the State has been necessary due to some of the DMV offices outside Miami, Broward and Volusia having suffered a depreciation of its services.

The DMV focused on centralizing the services in some places and merging the services with the tax collectors offices in other places where the demand was lower. Despite this, it is necessary to mention that the DMV offices have never lost their touch of quality and speed at the time to manage the citizens' formalities.

FL DMV offices in Macclenny, Florida

339 E. MacClenny Avenue

Macclenny Clerk of the Court Office


(904) 259-3686

32 North 5th St.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(904) 259-6004

3245 Bear Run Blvd.

Motor Vehicle & Driver License Services


(904) 284-6320

55 W. Main St., Rm. 108

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(386) 496-3331

945 N. Temple Avenue,, Suite B

Driver License & Vehicle Services


(904) 966-6235

1518 Park Ave.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(904) 284-6320

450077 State Road 200,, Suite #13

Driver License & Motor Vehicle Services


(904) 491-7400

501 W. Adams St.

Jacksonville Clerk of Court Office


(904) 255-2300

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